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AdrenaFirst Navigation Software

The AdrenaFirst software is your best crew in racing & cruising !

Prepare your cruise thanks to AdrenaFirst !


What distance to next mooring? How long will last the navigation? What heading should I take? What is the minimum depth to moore? How will turn the wind today, tonight?
AdrenaFirst will not only help you access all those data but also offer many other functions like instruments calibration, weather Grib display, currents…).


Race with AdrenaFirst !

Advanced racers, amateurs or cruisers, AdrenaFirst is also an alternative to race management. All the ADRENA software have been designed for racing even the AdrenaFirst range which is offering in standard the prestart management, the laylines, the IRC/HN ranking…

Key Features:

Optima functions : creation of accurate speed polars of a sailboat

Navigation :

    Racing :

    • Racing module: starting, windward leeward and Coastal
    • Competitor monitoring
    • Calculate recovered time IRC/HN

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    More information about AdrenaFirst & table functions.