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By email request from ADRENA

Adrena integrates interfaces with Saildocs and GreatCircle to allow Grib files request by email from the navigation software. The interfaces simply format a text that is sent by email and that indicates the geographical area and the data to be included in the grib.

In reply to the request, an email with the GRIB file attached is sent.

Thanks to this solution, it is possible to manage Internet access restrictions at sea and to load weather forecast data with a satellite phone at a lower cost.

  • Grib files request by email with Saildocs

Saildoc is an automatic and free service sending grib files by email, very easy to use and without any prior mandatory registration.

  • Grib files request by email with Great Circle (available from Standard Range)

Great Circle is an automatic service providing grib files by email or in direct download. There are several weather forecast files available depending on the subscription. Great Circle service does not provide all the data for free. In any case, it is necessary to register on their website and to give information about the registration in Adrena.

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